Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Status Bar ios7 in Titanium : 


TiAlloy fix for windows being positioned under the status bar on #iOS7

//For iOS only, set the Windows top to 20 so they start under the status bar.
Alloy.Globals.windowsTop = (OS_IOS && parseInt(Ti.Platform.version[0], 10) >= 7 ) ? 20 : 0;

//Set Window Propert for iOS
"Window[platform=ios]" : {
      top : Alloy.Globals.windowsTop

iOS 7 also introduces a new light content status bar style that is exposed as the Titanium.UI.iPhone.StatusBar.LIGHT_CONTENT constant in the Titanium SDK. Use this constant to specify a status bar for use with a dark background. If you want the entire application to use this style, add the following key to your tiapp.xml file:

                         <key> UIStatusBarStyle </key>
                         <string> UIStatusBarStyleLightContent </string>


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